Director Assistant

Bethany Ruff is a 17 year old home school student about to begin her Senior year. She has enjoyed participating in Marshmelodrama productions for nearly seven years. For the past three years, Bethany has worked “in the wings” where she has discovered a love for helping to bring the performances on stage. She has a passion for the arts and marvels at the beauty in the world around her. Bethany loves the missionof Marshmelodrama Productions and hopes to continue to see it make an impact for Christ on all the lives it touches.

Lilly HeskjeDance Choreographer

Lilly Heskje is a 14 year old freshman student. She hasloved dancing since a small girl and has taken dance class for over eleven years. Acting and singing has also become her passion over the last few years. Lilly has been involved with many Marshmelodrama plays and musicals from her first musical of Annie and her lead role as “Beth” in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. She enjoys performing musicals very much, where she can combine her love for singing, dancing and acting. Lilly has found her creativity continuing as one of Marshmelo’s talented, wonderful choreographers!


Vivienne2Dance Choreographer

Vivienne Heskje is 16 years old and a Junior . She has taken dance for many years at Second Story Studio. She has participated in musicals and plays with Marshmelo over four seasons. Vivienne has enjoyed choreographing dances for the last two years of Marshmelodrama’s productions and is looking forward to using her talent in upcoming performances.